We provide rental service of variety marquee/canopy since 1995.  Our marquee is suitable for product promotion, wedding banquet, company gathering, road show and exhibitions.  We provide professional suggestion for marquee setting and site design, which suit for different theme and needs.  Due to excellent quality, variety type of marquee and experienced staff, we gain good reputation and as the vendor of many large scale outdoor events, like the annual Lunar New Year Fair, Hong Kong Products Exhibition at Victoria Park and carnivals at Hong Kong Tamar Site etc.  We have experience to provide service in different locations such as Times Square, The Peak, Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Southern Stadium, West Kowloon, Site of Disneyland and the roof of Tai Koo House etc.

Besides, we source pioneer outdoor products worldwide for our customer, like fashionable outdoor furniture, Italian Roller Screen Mosquito Net, Japan Combination House and Storage Cabinet.  We also have sales offices in Shenzhen.

Looking forward to provide service to you.



我們自一九九五年起提供各類大小帳篷/ 天幕租賃服務。 為各類活動提供帳篷的設置,如商品推廣、展銷攤位、展覽會場、公司戶外活動或聯歡、私人聚會、甚或戶外的婚宴等。 累積了多年的經驗,本公司對場地設計提供專業意見,並且提供多款類型的帳篷以配合不同主題及需要。

我們曾參與多個大型活動,如維園的工展會、花卉展、添馬艦嘉年華會及年銷攤位等。 客戶覆蓋廣泛,政府部門、酒店及大機構,如康文署、醫院管理局等;酒店如香港酒店;大機構包括長江集團、恒基地產、恒隆地產、美麗華集團、香港旅遊發展局等。